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Heart Rate Training Zones:
Training zones are based on a percentage window of your maximum heart rate. This is determined by a simple mathematical equation: 220 (male) or 226 (female) – AGE = Maximum Heart Rate.

Your body uses different fuels at different levels of exertion. Lower heart rates use mostly fat for fuel where higher heart rates use more carbs.

With consistent training, your heart becomes stronger & pumps more blood, ultimately your work output in the various heart rate zones improves.

Today Interval/Strength/Endurance Energy Zones™: YOU SHOULD HAVE A GOOD AEROBIC BASE BEFORE RIDING INTERVAL & STRENGTH Be aware of your intensity & don’t overdo it. Pace yourself & push when you know you can remain in control.
The faster you come down from high HR the better.
Stay in control.
After race day yesterday we are going work the two tougher zones (interval & strength) and recover on the way home. Interval Lowdown: alternate bursts of speed & power with recovery
Heart Rate: 65%–92% of your maximum heart rate will be working in the aerobic and anaerobic zones The payoff: Will lead to bolstered stamina and endurance. Resistance: Light to heavy
Cadence: 80–110 RPM

Strength Lowdown: steady, heavy resistance with slower cadence Time Under Tension Don’t fight the hill.
Stay relaxed.
Concentrate on pedal stroke.Stay in control.
Heart Rate: 75%–85% of your maximum heart rate You will hover between aerobic & anaerobic zones
Goal: build your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular system. It trains the ligaments and tendons of the legs to handle high intensity training and improves power and climbing ability.
Payoff: Tone your legs and build mental strength with the ride.
Resistance: Constant (moderate to heavy load) You are in control of your hill.
Be true & honest to…...

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