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Integrated Business

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Applied Integrated Business

2013 – 2014

Contents 1. KEY INFORMATION 3 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2 Key Staff 3 1.3 BREO Site 3 1.4 Teaching location 4 1.5 Pod supervision 4 2. LEARNING OUTCOMES 4 3. TEACHING AND LEARNING STRATEGY 5 3.1 Approach to Learning 5 3.2 Group Work 5 3.3 Use of Technology 5 4. TRANSFERABLE SKILLS BEING DEVELOPED 6 5. ESSENTIAL AND RECOMMENDED READING 7 6. ASSESSMENT STRATEGY 7 6.1 Overview 7 6.2 Criteria for assessment 8 6.3 Quality of work 16 6.4 A note on Plagiarism 16 7. COURSE TIMETABLE 17 8. GUIDE FOR STUDENTS ON THE UNIVERSITY’S REGULATIONS 18 9. UIF Unit Information Form 19 Unit information form (UIF) 19


Unit Title Applied Integrated Business

Unit Number BSS003-2
Level of Study 2
CATS Points 60

This module can only be taken in conjunction with level 2 modules:

SHR007-2 Leadership and Management
AAF002-2 Management Accounting for Business
MAR008-2 Marketing
BSS003 -2 Management of Business Systems and Process/Operations

1.1 Introduction
This unit continues the theme of integration which underpins the level one Business Studies Programme. It consists of projects based on real cases, which enable students to apply the theories and knowledge gained from the level 2 business units in a variety of realistic contexts – in service and production based organisations. The final project will be carried out in conjunction with a multinational organisation.

The aim of the unit is to support realistic learning by providing an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills to real business situations

* making it possible for students to continue to develop understanding of the interrelatedness of all the business disciplines fundamental to business success * giving students…...

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