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Information Systems and Security

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A. Introduction

A1. Purpose
The purpose of this project is to provide all five sites of WhiterunMedical Center, (North, East, South, West, and the Main Siterespectively) with Networking capabilities to and from one-another.

A2. Overview
Within a fixed time period, Aperture Technologies plans todemonstrate a working Network simulation, Cost, Networkimplementation, Time Duration for Completion, and Approval fromWhiterun Medical Center.

A2.1. Standards Requirements A3. Estimated Schedule of Completion

B. Goals and Objectives
The Goal for Aperture Technologies is to upgrade and implement abetter wide area network for Whiterun Medical Center by:
Upgrading current servers oAdding a FTP server oAdding an Exchange Server oAdding a Active Directory Server
Adding a wireless network
Updating security
Administrative Training to staff

C. Network Security

C1. Permissions
Permissions will be set within shared folders for doctors and theirrespective nurses to access and keep files up-to-date. Doctors, aswell as nurses, shall have their own individual folder within the FTPserver with individual permissions for each user. Client confidentiality is top priority to protect all clients’ private information from any security risks. C1.1 Physical and Logical Access
Doctors and nurses shall have permission to connect to the physicalnetwork. Once connected to the Active Directory only theadministrator will have the ability to change any permission within thenetwork. Servers will be kept in an IT/Telecom room to keep awayfrom the main floor to prevent any accidental tampering. Roomaccess shall be limited to personnel such as: Domain Administrators,IT staff, and any other personnel hired/trained as backupadministrators when Domain Administrators are not available.

C1.2 Wireless Network Security
Wireless connectivity will be available to users…...

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