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Indonesian alphabet

|A a |B b |C c |D d |
|Aa |a |/a/ |a as in father |
|Bb |bé |/b/ |b as in bed |
|Cc |cé |/t͡ʃ/ |ch as in check |
|Dd |dé |/d/ |d as in day |
|Ee |é |/ə/ |e as in under |
| | |/ɛ/ |e as in get |
|Ff |éf |/f/ |f as in fish |
|Gg |gé |/ɡ/ |g as in gain |
|Hh |ha |/h/ |h as in harm |
|Ii |i |/i/ |i as in it, in, or is |
|Jj |jé |/d͡ʒ/ |j as in jam |
|Kk |ka |/k/ |unaspirated k as in skate |
|Ll |él |/l/ |l as in let |
|Mm |ém |/m/ |m as in mall |
|Nn |én |/n/ |n as in net |
|Oo |o |/o/ |o as in owe |
|Pp |pé |/p/ |unaspirated p as in speak |
|Qq |qi |/q/ ~ /k/ |q as in the Quran |
|Rr |ér |/r/ |Spanish rr as in puerro |
|Ss |és |/s/ |s as in sun |
|Tt |té |/t/ |unaspirated t as in still |
|Uu |u |/u/ |oo as in soon |
|Vv |vé |/v/ ~ /f/ |v as in van |
|Ww |wé |/w/ |w as in wet |
|Xx |éks |/ks/ or /z/ |x as in xylophone |
|Yy |yé |/j/ |y as in yarn |
|Zz |zét |/z/ ~ /s/ |z as in zebra |

|Digraph |Sound |Notes |
|ai |/ai̯/ |uy as in buy |
|au |/au̯/ |ou as in ouch |
|oi |/oi̯ |oy as in boy |
|ia |/ia/ | |
|gh |/ɣ/ ~ /x/ | |
|kh |/x/ | |
|ng |/ŋ/ |ng as in sing |
|ny |/ɲ/ |Spanish ñ; similar to ny as in canyon with a nasal sound |
|sy |/ʃ/ |sh as in shoe |…...

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