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In today’s society, we have two types of juveniles that re being brought up in this world, the ones who make wise decisions and the others who have and I do not care attitude. The ones who make wise decisions want to be successful and an up right citizen of society while the other ones are complete opposite and would rather spend his or her time planning crimes. There are many reasons why juveniles make the decisions they do and it varies from boredom, their upbringing, and the groups they have chosen to hang out among, these groups may peer pressure one into committing a crime, while other groups are busy studying and getting ready for their futures. We as society have to figure out why these groups of juveniles decide to make the wrong decision and become involved in petty crimes. We need to gather information on why juveniles choose to involve themselves in criminal activities; there are many theories to this question. One of these theories is Biochemical; this can govern an individual’s behavior and personality, “including levels of aggression and depression” (Siegel and Welsh, 2009, p. 81). Biochemical can happen from the time the individual is conceived if their mother has taken harmful substances while being pregnant. While the mother has been using harmful substances she has also damaged her baby, this can lead to antisocial behavior in juveniles. An individual may even have certain chemical imbalances such as: sodium, mercury, potassium, and iron. This can lead to several problems like, cognitive problems, hyperactivity, depression, and many more problems, which can lead to crime and delinquency (2009). Having to much iron is your system can lead to attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD) and this had been linked to delinquent behaviors. When a child had been overexposed to metals and minerals such as iron this can put the child at risk for antisocial…...

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