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1) Number each egg

a) Use markers

b) You’ll need the numbers to indentify the eggs

1) Weigh each egg

a) Turn on scale and re-zero it so that the starting point is 0

b) Put an egg ion the scale

c) Record the weight on the data sheet

2) Measure the volume of each egg

a) Fill an 800 ml cylinder to 500ml with water( initial volume). Measure the water level.

b) Carefully tilt cylinder and slide the egg into the water.

c) Measure the volume and egg ( final volume) and record it on the data table.

d) Calculate the volume of the egg by subtracting the initial volume from the final volume. Record the value on data table.

3) Boil eggs

a) Fill a pot with waster b) Turn on the stove and put pot on top of it c) Put eggs in pot and wait 5-10 minutes d) Put on oven mitts. Take the pot off the stove, and put it in the sink. Run cold water on eggs to cool them down.

5) Measure the density of the boiled eggs, Following the step above.

6) Graph the results and compare the density before and after boiling. (mass ÷ volume= density)

The purpose of my pprojedt is to see if the density of an egg changes agter it has been boiled.


If I boil an egg the youl will become soild and that will make the density of the egg change.


❖ 1 digital scale

❖ Water

❖ 800 ml graduated cylinder

❖ Stove

❖ 1 pot

❖ Oven mitts

❖ Marker ( for numbering the egg)

❖ 6 eggs

2 ex-large

2 large

2 medium

Data Sheet

|EGG #…...

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