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Impetus of the Dhs

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Impetus of the DHS
Impetus of the DHS

John Smith
Throughout American History very few moments have had the amount of security influence of the attacks of September 11, 2001. The deadliest attack on American Soil has had an everlasting impact on the government. It provided the framework for creating one of the largest government agencies; The Department of Homeland Security.

John Smith
Throughout American History very few moments have had the amount of security influence of the attacks of September 11, 2001. The deadliest attack on American Soil has had an everlasting impact on the government. It provided the framework for creating one of the largest government agencies; The Department of Homeland Security.

Impetus of the DHS 2
September 11, 2001 changed how the American public and government view homeland security. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the U.S Pentagon were the deadliest attacks on U.S soil since Pearl Harbor sixty years prior. These events single handedly thrust the United States into the homeland security mindset, becoming a proactive in the fight against terrorism, becoming a national security state.
Although not the first attack on U.S soil the 9/11 attacks became the catalyst for the way American people view security and continues to be the defining factor in prevention of future attacks. Prior to the 9/11 attacks the United States had a multitude of federal agencies with terrorism task forces and investigators. Leading up to the attacks the 9/11 Commission identified several instances where information had been gathered about suspected plots, this information had also been communicated but disregarded (Gaines 2012).
The fact the attacks were very carefully thought out and required in depth preparation planning and coordination fueled…...

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