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Immediate Post Operative Care

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Immediate Post Operative Care 2

The following essay will use a systematic approach to critically evaluate the care and treatment delivered to a non-elective paediatric orthopaedic patient within the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) by a student Operating Department Practitioner at a local trust hospital. The assessment and management of the patients care will be examined and rationale provided for strategies employed during delivery of individualised patient care. In accordance with Health and Care Professional Council’s standards of conduct, performance and ethics (HCPC, 2012) the confidentiality of the service user will be up held at all times. The service user shall be referred to as “Daisy” to protect her confidentiality.
Daisy was received to the PACU after surgical stabilisation of her left fibula and tibia with flexible intramedullary nails following a fall. A specified paediatric bay was utilised enabling the patient to be cared for separately from the adults in the PACU (RCOA, 2013). Anaesthetic and surgical handover was received (RCOA, 2013) which detailed that she was 14 years old with no known allergies. She had no significant medical history. She had a general anaesthetic with 140mfg of Propofol used on induction followed by Sevoflurane as a maintenance agent. 30mg of Atricurium, 4mg Dexamethasone, 4mg Ondansatron, 10mg Morphine and 1g Paracetemol had been administered intraoperatively. 1 litre of Hartmanns solution had been administered during surgery and she had been physiological stable during surgery. She had a back slab on her left leg and was to be non-weight bearing for 2 weeks. The handover was concluded with the information that Daisy’s mother had passed away 3 weeks previously.
Patients must be closely observed and assessed post operatively because it is recognised that they are at high risk of rapid clinical deterioration (National…...

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