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SCIENCE INVESTIGATORY PROJECT THE PROPOSAL * I. PROBLEM * Does waste material like peelings can be turned into another product? * II. RATIONALE 1. We wanted also to help our environment lessen pollution, so we have decided to be resourceful with our investigatory project 2. We liked to investigate about this because we just got curious if all waste materials are truly a waste and to the point that we can’t use it in another way , So we decided to research about the other uses of banana peelings and we knew that there are so many uses of banana peelings and we chose one and that is ‘’banana peelings as coffee’’ * III. MATERIALS * We’re just going to buy the ingredients , then the materials that we’re going to use we’ll just borrow it. The ingredients are the ff: The materials we’re going to use are the ff:
-3 to 4 banana peelings - blender -spoon - tea cup
- sugar - mixing bowl * IV.PROCEDURES * As you eat bananas, peel off labels. Throw peels into your freezer. * You can also make this tea without freezing and drying peels. Just put a fresh peel in a cup and boil with water. * When you have enough peels to fill a pan, let them thaw in your pan for an hour or two. They should turn black * Crack and shred your peels by hand a little bit. * Pulverize about one peel at a time in the blender. Add up to four peels before emptying your blender into a dry tea jar. * Pour hot water over one heaping teaspoon of the blended peel. That is about as strong as a black tea bag. Always adjust amounts to your taste. Enjoy before bedtime, to help send you into a good night's sleep. * V. IMPLICATION * Bananas are exceptionally healthy food that provide numerous health benefits. Probably bananas are the most widely consumed fruit in the world.
Bananas contain many essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are a good source of energy, and fiber. We made it as a tea , tea helps person to easily digest the food that they ate. Yes it is important to our community because the demand of supply for banana will increase therefore the farmers will plant more banana in able for them to produce more and earn as well and that’s why it helps our community. * VI. TIME TABLE * I think this will take us about less than 2 hours , but if we will work together as a group , I think we can do this in less time that the teacher gave us. * VII. BUDGET * 40.00 for the banana * 15.00 for the ¼ sugar We are no longer going to contribute our leader has assigned 2 members to bring the ingredients we’re going to use. The members that we’re assigned has approved to buy with their own money. * VIII.PROPONENTS * Alexsandra Agudo * Kyle Malana * Samantha Evangelista * Aubrey Nicolas * Alexine Aveno * Kurt Solis…...

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