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Question 9 Explanation:
Ad delivery determines how often your ads show throughout the day. After you set your campaign's budget, you have the option to choose one of two ad delivery methods:
1) Standard Delivery (default option) distributes your budget throughout the day to avoid reaching your budget early on. This option is recommended if you want to reach your audience evenly throughout the day, rather than just in the morning.
2) Accelerated Delivery displays your ads more quickly until you run out of budget. So, if your campaign is limited by budget, your ad might stop running earlier in the day.

Question 12 Explanation:
A client manager will be billed for these accounts via manager order-level monthly invoice

Question 15 Explanation:
Effective video ads educate and entertain, and also inspire the viewer to act. If your campaign's goal is not just about branding, make sure you communicate to your customers what you'd like them to do, such as visit your store or site, call a phone number, or complete a purchase. Letting people know that they can learn more by clicking "play" usually increases play rates and video interaction rates.

* Entice customers to click "play" using rich, sharp colors. * Include a few words to describe your product, service, and/or business. * Boost your play rate with a call-to-action that lets customers know they can play the video to learn more. * Create multiple video ads with different opening image sizes to increase the number of placements where your ad can appear.
Question 30 Explanation: * AdWords discounter -- a feature that monitors your competition and automatically reduces your actual cost-per-click so that you pay the lowest price possible for your ad's position on the page. After each auction is run and your ad is ranked, the AdWords discounter adjusts your actual CPC so you pay the minimum amount required to exceed the rank of the next ranked ad…...

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