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1. What is the purpose of risk management?
1. According to Kavaler and Spiegler (2003), in general, risk management has a purpose is to improve safety, prevent accidents, guarantee compliance with the law, and keep away from legal exposure, that may lead to loss or lawsuit. Risk management purpose should address issues that could jeopardize performance of key purposes. We also use risk management in response to risk identification and reporting, risk analysis, risk reduction, risk monitoring, and communication.

2. According to Kavaler and Spiegel (2003), risk management performs investigations of injuries and tries to find ways to predict and prevent future medical injuries. Investigations have displayed the following results in predicting which doctors are most likely to malpractice lawsuits: Doctors who provide opportunity patients are more at jeopardy than the one which include knowledge of their patients individually. The greater number of suits filed are against doctors are men. Surgeons maintains larger jeopardy of a lawsuit than additional specialists. After the beginning request been file, the doctor is at greater jeopardy of increased cases. it possible to predict medical injuries?
3. According to Kavaler and Spiegel (2003), each outline in the guidebook point out how evaluation and planning for part of the organization of the risk management program includes activities, process measures, outcome measures, and action plans. Process measures assess whether these activities carry out as intended. Result measures will determine whether the program has the effect intended to support.
4. Quality management according to Kavaler and Spiegel (2003) explains meanings of analyzing information including patient care, employee knowledge, management, and institutional resources to advance service and decrease risk. Quality management consists of gathering…...

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