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HW 1 Pgs. 43-47 All Questions

Questions and Problems:
Section 1-1:
1. State whether the following network descriptions are describing a MAN, WAN, or LAN: a. LAN b. MAN c. WAN
2. Expand the acronym NIC. Network Interface Card
3. Expand the acronym MAC. Media Access Control
4. Expand the acronym LAN. Local Area Network
5. Expand the acronym WAN. Wide Area Network

Section 1-2:
6. Define the term protocol.
Set of rules established for users to exchange information.
7. Define the term topology.
Architecture of a network.

8. Define the term deterministic.
Access to the network is provided at fixed time intervals
9. A disadvantage of the token-ring system is that if an error changes the token pattern, it can cause the token to stop circulating. This can be eliminated by adding a
Token-ring hub (A hub that manages the passing of the token in a Token-Ring network.)
10. State the network topology being used in the following figures (Bus, Star, Ring, or Mesh). a. Mesh b. Bus c. Ring d. Star
11. What is the difference between a hub and a switch?
Hub – Broadcasts data it receives to all devices connected to its ports.
Switch – Establishes a direct connection from the sender to the destination without passing the data traffic to other networking devices.
Section 1-3:
12. Define the acronym CSMA/CD and the protocol that uses CSMA/CD. Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection, The networking protocol Ethernet.
13. What information is not included in an Ethernet frame? a. Frame size
14. What is the minimum size of the data payload in an Ethernet frame?
46 bytes
The data being transmitted, followed by the pad that is used to bring the total number of bytes up to the minimum of 46 if the data field…...

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