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How to Market with Businesses

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How To Market Facebook With Businesses
Harry Pruitt
Benedictine University

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Harry Pruitt, Student in Business, Benedictine University.
We normally judge a book by its cover, so visuals can be very important. Online marketing through Facebook is no different. Most of our influences are through social media and more people are turning to social media to gain more business for their companies. Facebook has been successful in helping with business marketing, spending as little or as much as you want or need to. Facebook is the social platform for web based businesses near and far. Even though Facebook has its different problems, marketing within Facebook has been very successful thus far .Using different strategies and building creative profiles makes for a better business outcome. Bigger dreams become bigger goals, by staying on the right path you accomplish you objective and achieve your marketing goals as a business owner.

How To Market Facebook With Businesses Facebook is an online social networking service. Facebook was founded in February 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his friends at Harvard University. The website was first used for Harvard University students only, but then it gradually excelled to various universities, high schools, and even 13 year old children. Before entering Facebook, the user must register and create a personal profile. The use of this social network is to add other users as friends, exchange messages, and receive automatic notifications when they update their profile. In addition, Facebook users may also join groups organized by different companies, schools, or other peers. (Alef, 2010). “Social media lets customers find you, like you, trust you, and recommend you. And it lets them do these things with extraordinary speed, uncommon precision, and for free — or close to it. There has never in the history…...

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