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How Speed of a Computer Is Affected by Different Storage Devices

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How Speed of a Computer Is Affected By Different Storage Devices
Traci Benge
May 7, 2012
Charles Jacks

Abstract Today’s computers have different ways to store data. Some examples of these ways are devices as the hard disk (aka magnetic disk), floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, tape, and the flash (aka jump drive, USB memory stick, and thumb drive). Storage devices come in two different sources; primary or secondary. Each of these devices causes the computer to process data at different speeds. This paper will show how each of these devices store data and how they affect the speed of the computer.

How Speed of a Computer Is Affected By Different Storage Devices The hard disk of a computer is a secondary type of storage. It can be either an external or internal source of storage for a computer. It is primarily to store a mass amount of data. The data remains stored on the hard disk indefinitely until permanently deleted. The hard disk stores the operating systems and application instructions. Without the hard disk the computer would not know how to open any of its operating systems or any of the other applications for the user. In this RAM (Random Access Memory) works with the hard disk. RAM is part of the primary storage; it contains a software program with small amounts of data for processing. When the computer boots up, it loads the whole program from the hard disk through RAM. Its storage capabilities get larger the farther away it is from the CPU. Saved data gets written onto the hard disk because RAM does not retain any data once the computer turns off. The computer needs to have a balance between the hard disk and RAM for the speed of the computer to be efficient. To avoid a sluggish system the computer should have at least twice as much hard disk space compared to the amount of RAM installed (Dunn & Li-Ron, 1996).…...

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