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How Great Companies Think Differently

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The premise of the article “How Great Companies Think Differently” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter stresses the idea that great companies pay particular attention to more than just their business at hand. These companies ensure that the core values that guide a person’s life in and out of work are combined within the goals and strategies of an organization. Being a good corporate citizen means more than just producing a profit for the organization. It also means investing in the community in which the associates live and work. By investing human resources or through the donation of money organizations build trust not only with the associates but with the community.
As CEO of the YWCA Green Bay – DePere I experience organizations giving back every day. The women that serve on my board have full-time day jobs. The mission and Vision of the YWCA is so important to these women and their employers that they are encouraged to volunteer their time and provide leadership to the issues facing women and young girls. These women volunteer expertise from their employers, they sell the importance of what the YWCA is all about and they guide the future strategy based on the needs of the community. These Women are emotionally invested in their jobs, their families and their communities. In our book Crafting and Executing Strategy, Chapter 9, page 311, Figure 9.2 illustrates The Five Components of a Corporate Responsibility Strategy. The Corporate Social Responsibility is both internal to the employees and external to the needs of the community. In essence, A Company needs to balance the need to satisfy shareholders through profit against the need to be a good corporate citizen within the community they reside or conduct business. Each of the 5 components is equally important within the…...

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