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How Fear and Anger Can Cause Cancer?

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How fear and anger can cause cancer?

We find sickness and disease common and a part of our everyday life but many believe disease is not natural. Many diseases and sickness have not ever existed in the human race until the modern day. Scientist have been attempting to determine what the primary cause may be. Some have debated that our beliefs, outlooks, ways of thinking and thoughts can play an integral role in our physical state of being. The role of forgiveness and healing can allow us to release our negative energy and help our bodies to increase in welfare.
In correlation with this idea of positive thinking, it can be viewed that not many of the foods we consume aren’t organic. Studies have shown that there are countries in the world where one percent of the population of women suffer from breast cancer, whereas; the United States has an alarming rate of fifteen percent. Could this be our choice of food or perhaps our lifestyle choices?
A new health paradigm suggest using thoughts as forces of attraction, positive affirmation, perception, and thoughts. Power thinking and positive thinking take a person in a positive direction as oppose to negative, where it can kill you. Many people believe that our brains can affirm our health and healing. Positive affirmations and other positive thinking techniques help develop a positive outlook on life and are essential to a healthy life. The ideas of forgiveness, love, kindness, understanding and acceptance can help lead us to positive lives.
Affirmations help focus healing and certainly speed up the healing process. Perception is our point of view, how we see things on a conscious level. We must begin to use the power in our mind in order to believe in our good health. Studies have shown that optimism leads human beings to living a longer healthier…...

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