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How Does Hardy Convey the Use of Language Features to Evoke Impressive Distinctive Settings in 'Darkling Thrush' and 'in Tenebris I'?

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In ‘The Darkling Thrush’ and ‘In Tenebris I’ , time, place and mood play important roles in delivering the messages related to spiritual beliefs . Hardy conveys effectively by the use of figurative language, rhetorical devices and sound devices to evoke impressive distinctive settings in the two poems. ‘The Darkling Thrush’ is a poem which is richly suggestive in its choice of diction and deployment of imagery. The use of ‘darkling’ in the title refers to both the thrush and the poet’s state of mind as he reflects gloomily on the passing century. The poem consists of four stanzas and the mood of the poem progresses from being so depressing, desolate and pessimistic to being positive. In the first sentence, “I leant upon a coppice gate”, suggests that he’s transitioning and he has a choice on what to believe in. Two hints that show he is changing the way he thinks are by the use of metaphor in “..weakening eye of day” which implies the sun setting to winter and “..bine-stems scored the sky” which is an imagery that conveys things are changing. Hardy also uses archaic diction to recall the past by using the word “nigh”. The way which past effects the present is also a theme which Hardy explored. ‘In Tenebris I’, is translated into ‘In Darkness’ which defines the poem very well. The poem is very hard to interpret but has a particular pattern which takes a few evaluations to understand. The arrangement of colons and semi-colons separate the lines to make intentionally different sentences and also in the beginning of the stanza, the word ‘wintertime’ suggests that the ‘grim reaper’ takes the life of something. This also sets the gloomy mood for the poem .There is also the use of paradox in the first stanza, “Twice no one dies”, which implies that his spiritual believe is dead and paradoxically, death can’t disappoint you. This has affected him…...

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