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How Do You Think the U.S. Schools Can Be Improved?

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How do you think the U.S. schools can be improved?

Schools should focus on the bottom of the hierarchy of the student needs, such as food and shelter. Schools should provide reduced cost or free breakfast and lunch to all students. We cannot change their home lives, but we know that learning on a satisfied belly takes better than learning over the growls of an aching tummy. School should eliminate social promotion. This would help for two reasons. First, we live in a capitalist society where work is only engaged in when there is a clear end reward such as a paycheck. Even at a young age, kids can understand that to. To get what they want they need to do the work that the parent gives them to do. Second, social promotion is the reason kids come unprepared into subsequent classrooms. This is obvious. We can blame ineffective teaching, or a numerous of other issues, but if they did not get the skills or content they needed, they ought to be given the opportunity to try again. School should reduce the teacher workloads at all levels. In elementary this would mean smaller class sizes and more collaboration time where kids are with PE, music, and art specialists. Many schools are cutting out most of the academic time for the children, which make teaching less interesting to most children. We need our schools to find what is exceptional in each child, teaching each that these strengths can be used to create meaningful lives for themselves. We need to improve education with a focus on children's strengths rather than trying to standardize them to death. Many people need to know there is a difference between the words standards and standardization. As the Strengths Movement spreads across the country and unites the businesses of the world and the schools around developing strengths, we will begin to see great improvement in education.
In my opinion, I think we should…...

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