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How Do President’s Veto Legislation, and How Significant Is the Presidential Veto? (15)

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The President has the formal power to veto legislation as it is written in Article 2, Section 1 of the US Constitution. It is the power or right vested in one branch of a government to cancel or postpone the decisions or enactments of another branch. The regular veto is one of the most powerful powers which the President has and is one of the most used powers by the President. To veto legislation the President must act within 10 days of receiving the bill from congress. He must send the bill back to the Senate/House (its origin) explaining why he has not signed it confirming it as legislation. He has to veto the entire bill, as he cannot veto parts of it and accept others. Since 1789, were George Washington was President, there have been 1497 vetoes in the US up until Obama’s first term. Obama himself has only used his veto twice on two irrelevant bills.
However, Congress has the power to override the veto if there is a two-thirds majority in both houses. Although to override a veto is very difficult as the President only has to persuade 34 members in the Senate to support his veto. Out the total 1497 vetoes which have been made, only 110 of them have been overridden by Congress which gives the President a 93% success rate for his vetoes. It shows how difficult it is for the vetoes to be overridden.
There is also the ‘Pocket Veto’ which is were near the end of the legislative session the President is able to leave the bill on his desk untouched and so there is no time for the bill to become legislation. Congress does not have the ability to override this. The ‘pocket veto’ can be a very significant power because at the end of the legislative session, there can be a large amount of bills which are given to the President and so he doesn’t need to sign any of them. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have only used 2 between them and Obama did not use any in his first…...

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