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How Advirtising Affects the Health of Children

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Recently, the numbers of commercials increased on television, because of the emergence of new competitors seeking to profit by promoting their goods on television grab the attention of the viewer. Unfortunately a lot of these ads directed to children under the age of seven years. There are a lot of satellite channels that specializes in broadcast commercials to children, whether games or food product, regardless of the product is useful or harmful to the health of children.

This report will discuss the negative impact of advertising on children's health, and will present possible solutions to tackle this problem where the parents become worried from it.

The report will be of interest to families who suffers from these problem

A. Behavior
Television commercials are the most important services that affect children, and almost the first source of information for child, focusing on access to the child's mind and the senses, directing desires of children to a certain things, for example foods and games. By highlighting the item to look attractive and use easy word and attractive melody with repetition and try to give the impression in different expressive ways. Also, sometimes give fanciful promises about the ability of amazing food product, such as acquisition the child brawn, or dexterity in certain valuable capabilities. That led to increase of the fears of parents about the health of their children from these advertisements. The amount of money that spent on children advertising makes one understands the fear of parents about the advertisements which are attracting the children (Moore, 2007). the advertisement affect growth, health and dietary behavior of the child when it's a way to attractive the child to buy foods with high calories and low nutritional value, leading to a…...

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