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House Pet

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Gustavo Gomez
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12 February 2016
The life of a House Pet The world has many interesting things to offer either it be an animal or the most interesting man in the world. But something that I have lived with for years made me grow so much interest in a very odd way. Our house pet “Princess” she is a very small dog or what other people might call a toy dog since they are so small and fragile. A house pet might be so simple but have so much to show to someone who doesn’t know very well. I’ve been observing our house pet “Princess” for quite a while now and I can say many habits or attitudes this dog has to show for it self really do make it seem different from other pets. Princess might seem like a very fragile dog that would like to be in ones arm and petted till she falls asleep in your hands but this is not the case. Princess is the type of dog to back away and contain space away from strangers. Her trust only lies on the people she sees on a daily basis and in this occasion it’s mostly everybody in our home. I say mostly since she doesn’t really like to be around children who chase her around and needed less to say we have a couple of those living with us at home. It is very obvious to say that my mother and princess have grown one of the biggest bonds between each other because they seem to always be near each other whenever given the chance. Like many humans that have a daily routine and habits princess seems to have many similar traits to these particular humans by having her own routine and very peculiar traits. I know that when I wake up I have the habit of waking up and doing my business in the restroom. Well Princess was no different she was up early waiting by the door for my mother to wake up and come open it for her to go outside and do her business and that seemed very intriguing knowing my dog had this habit like me. Princess…...

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