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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course

Pre-Marital Counseling (PACO 610)
February 18, 2010

Worthington has an approach that is dependent largely on the empathizing of the counselor rather than the willingness of the involved (xiii). The essentials of this approach are the couples’ willingness to be expressive in their affection only while continually being reserved in reactions to provocations. Apparently, there is a chemical reaction which cascades more negativity (xxv), and the positivity to negativity ratio needs lots of boosting (47).

The importance of the marriage relationship is that it is the only picture of Christ and His people that exists on earth. If this institution can be defamed, then it distorts the picture of Christ and His bride (17). Despite this, many cannot fathom the hundreds of dollars that it would take to potentially save their marriage even after thousands of dollars are spent on a wedding and tens of thousands of dollars would be spent on a divorce (22).

There are differences between good counselors and bad ones—theoretically (29). However, let there be no mistaking that the counselor is an external influence in this process and he or she will not fix all of the problems right away or apart from the couple (42). Moreover, the success of these counseling times is dependent upon the couple’s ability to visualize what resolution they desire (56) with one issue at a time (59).

This particular approach focuses on instilling willpower, waitpower and waypower (30). Willpower speaks of motivation for the couple to make things work; waitpower to be patient while their efforts are bringing fruit; waypower gives the couple resources to make it work.

Willpower is affected greatly when people understand that marriage is an organism that requires energy. Marriage, like…...

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