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Willow Bend Hospital
Policy and Procedures
Retention of Health Information
Health Information Management
Virginia Welch, RHIA HIM

James Harkness, MD
Richard Louis, MBA
Hudson Taveggia, MBA

HIM 19.44
4/01; 4/05; 4/08; 4/09; 4/10

To establish guidelines for the retention, storage, and destruction of health information that meet the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations.
Health information will be retained, stored, and destroyed in paper copy or electronic media format according to state and federal guidelines and Willow Bend Hospital retention guidelines. PROCEDURE:
I. Maintenance of Health Information
a) Health information (for definition, refer to Policy 19.50: Legal Medical Record) within the medical record is considered a hybrid record, consisting of both paper and electronic documentation. All paper medical records are converted to an electronic format within 24 hours of patient discharge.
b) Electronic portions of the medical record are fed via computer output to laser disc into the electronic health information repository system, Apex Patient Folder
(APF), without manual intervention. All electronic documents from all sources should be integrated into the permanent repository system, Apex Patient Folder.
II. Retention Guidelines
a) All paper records converted to electronic format will be maintained in a safe and secure area in the Health Information and Informatics Management department.
Safeguards to prevent loss, destruction, and tampering will be maintained as appropriate. Paper records scanned into the APF shall be retained for a period of six months, at which time they will be shredded. Those records…...

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