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Chapter 1: Marines

Marines and troops have always fought strong and hard. An alien alliance has begun a war with the UNSC. We have fought strong so far, but with the covenant, that can change in about 1 month. We must fight strong and hard in order to min this war. A alien commander called the Prophecy of Truth has been sending a lot of Arbiters and Grunts to the planet Reach in order to collect the materials and items in order to create his most power full weapon ever yet. He has succeeded, but they will not activate the weapon again. We will not let them. The covenant will not last, we will fight until only one alliance is left. The Grunts are annoying messy little things that fight for freedom what the Truth promised them. The Jackals fight for money what the Truth has promised them. The Arbiters fight for help and food and shelter and protection. The Hunters fight for power. The Brutes fight for power and to torture. But we fight, for peace and order. The Arbiters and Brutes have not ever liked each other. The Brutes have always wanted to torture the Arbiters and to kill them. The Jackals carry plasma shields and a lot of them carry Covenant sniper rifles. But there is 1 last surviving sparten after a giant war on a planet. The sparten is called the master chief, sparten 117. The UNSC with the master chief must deffeat the covenant, the Prophecy of Truth, and his ultimate weapon called, Halo.…...

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