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The Article’s and A Man for All Seasons Assignment 1) Write a 5-8 line summary of one article.
In the article, The Law of Human Nature from Mere Christianity by C S Lewis, the author is stating that people know the Law of Human Nature, they know what is right or wrong but they refuse to follow it themselves. He says that people thought that everyone knew it by nature and did not need to be taught it. That each man is at every moment subjected to several different sets of law but there is only one of these which he is free to disobey “As a body.”

2) Find a total of six different literary devices
The six literary devices used in the article “The fight against evil is far from over” are; theme which was based on evil. The author chose this theme to give an idea to the readers that doing evil means that you’re doing harm to someone, intentionally and unjustifiably. This theme was effective in this essay because it was a universal theme, it’s something anyone can relate to and very common.
Analogy and ideology was used to compare how during a century’s first half, that it was “ideology that fuelled the lion’s share of human destructive-need.” The author chose analogy through the usage of personification to tell the readers that in the other half, other forces have taken that place of ideology as their primary source. Those forces were religion and nationalism. Euphemism was used through diction in this article. “...euphemistic term: we aren’t sending someone to a gas chamber,” The other used this word very effectively to bring out his point kindly about how he doesn’t want to get rid of people because there evil, so in other words destroy an entire population, “we are engaged in “ethnic cleansing””.

3) Which of the three essays do you think is the most insightful/accurate/interesting/helpful? Why?
The article that I’d say that was insightful and…...

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