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Timberland has a long time history of providing quality products that are made to be both comfortable and protective. The company can be traced back to a one-man shoe repair shop in 1918 run by Nathan Swartz. His products were very successful and led the beginning of Abington Shoe Company in 1955. Mr. Swartz continued to run the business his son Sidney became involved as well. Together they created the first truly waterproof boot that come to be known as the “timberland boot”. As popularity for the boots grew, the name became attached. The company officially changed its name to Timberland Co. in 1978. Sidney Swartz took control of the company two years later with great success. Presently Timberland is run by Sidney’s son, Jeffery Swartz, who continues to make the same quality products and maintain a socially responsible company.

Executive Summary

Our team researched Timberland Co. and its industry using many different sources to come up with a thorough and persuasive report. We began by analyzing the footwear industry and its recent trends. The footwear industry is currently having record high sales and Timberland is leading the way. We have incorporated charts and graphs in our company analysis. Timberland is a very strong company and they have successfully overcome any minor problems they’ve encountered. Timberland has received various awards such as “Fortune Magazine 100 Best Places to Work” and they are globally known as a socially responsible corporation. Timberland has been expanding and making innovative products since the day they hit the shelves, leading to high success in the footwear industry. Timberland’s investment in new information technology has allowed them to introduce a customization strategy.…...

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