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Communication Strategy
Q. 1. What are the basic business issues in the case?
Ans. The Chairman of Augusta National, Hootie Johnson were getting attention known for a disagreement beginning in 2002 with Martha Burk, the chairwoman of the Washington-based National Council of Women's Organizations, over admission of female members to Augusta National.

Q.2. Should Augusta admit a female member? If so, when?
Ans. It is difficult to answer because different people carry different opinion. However, Augusta National Golf Club is a famous men's golf club. So women members are controversial. On the other hand any official organization should maintain a clear no discrimination point of view.
Q.3. Who are the key stakeholders in this case?
Ans. There are other key stakeholders, including past winners and sponsors of the Masters tournament.
Q.4.Should the NCWO continue to press the issue? If so, how?
Ans. I don’t think the NCWO should continue to press the issue. It will be colored and critical if it continue more. It could be resolve personally by discussing with each other. However, if the matter reappear or don’t get resolve then it can be press again.
Q.5.What are the possible ramification for both Augusta and the NCWO?
Ans. The ramification is not pleasant able. The both organization could have handled the situation differently. They both should think about the status and fame of their groups and reputation. People will see their level with different mixed prospective value. The press always wait for these type of colorful news.
Q.6.What problems might prominent members of Augusta face?
Ans. The members of Augusta might face different relegation of the recognition and international rankings for a tournament.
Q.7. What other courses of action could have been pursued by key individuals?
Ans. Ms. Burk could think twice about Augusta and the position of the Masters of the tournament. She does not have enough research about the history and policies of the...…...

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