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Grapeseed Oil Marketing Model in China

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Executive Summary.

B-Well Grapeseed Oil is i a pure grape seed oil imported from South Africa. This report investigates and analyses the market for edible oil in China, grape seed oil in particular, to find out whether it would be profitable to sell it in China and find out the best channel of distribution. The study consists of both macro and microenvironment analysis based on secondary research of industry research reports and local government statistics. Moreover, this report aims to provide recommendations on the best ways to launch the product and proposes possible marketing strategy.




Nan Fei Long Food Trade Co. Is a company established in 2011 and is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) with the centre of operations in Wuxi. The company sells pure grape seed oil produced in South Africa.The company is interested in expanding their operations and looking at importing the product to China. The owner of the business is looking for recommendations on how to launch and market the product in China.

Grape seed oil offers innumerable health benefits and this explains the reason why it is extensively brought to use. It is thought to lower cholesterol, help with high blood pressure, shrink swelling from non-cancerous cysts and provide an allergy relief as it blocks the release of enzymes that produce the…...

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