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Government Welfare Should Be a Priority

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Andrew espinoza
December 5, 2013
Government Welfare Should Be a Priority More people are losing their jobs due to government cut backs or getting injured on the job. If not at fault you should automatically be qualified for government welfare. Should there be drug testing for anyone applying for government welfare? Should families who suffer from government or small business cut backs be able to apply for government welfare? Should families with economic hardship or loss of a loved one be given government welfare? With government cut backs and more families losing their jobs, government welfare should be given to families who cannot afford to support the household during recovery. There needs to be a deadline on how long you can have government welfare if approved by the state government. All government welfare should not be abolished to people who lose their jobs due to government cut backs because the government decides to push Obama care to all small businesses. The small businesses that have to provide proof of medical insurance for their employees means the businesses have to pay more money to the insurance companies. In turn the companies have to make some cut backs to compensate for the money loss. This causes layoffs and families have to rely on government welfare. Government welfare should automatically be given to the families who have got laid off or injured in the work place. The only way to receive government welfare is by passing drug tests and providing proof of applying for a new job. In addition, there are many families who live under hardship because businesses look for cheaper labor overseas, which affects the U.S. economy. Families who do not have the proper education to find a job but are willing to attend a vocational or community college to help their family out of hardship should be allowed to have government welfare.…...

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