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Governance Management and Legal

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Activity Objectives 4 Reasons for Proposing the Activity Now 4 Impact if the Activity is not Approved 4 Expected Outputs 4 Performance Measurement 4 Conclusion 4


Overview 5 Market Analysis 5 Situation Analysis 5 Competitor Analysis 5 Environmental Analysis 5 Output Analysis 5 Conclusion 6



Assignment of Intellectual Property 8 New Intellectual Property 8


Budget 9 Benefits 9 Insurance 9 Taxation 9 Competitive Neutrality (Applicable to activities delivered within Australia only) 9 Staffing Requirements and Costs 10 New Staff 10 Staffing located at Third Party 10


Description of third party 11 Location of Third Party 11 Governance of Third Party 12 Financial Viability and Sustainability 12 Academic Experience and Capability 12 Conclusion 12

8. RISK ASSESSMENT (incl corruption assessment) 13

Conclusions 13


Legal structure 14 Compliance Obligations 14 Management Plan 14 Audit of Activity 14 Conclusions 14



In this section, provide a concise overview of what you are proposing and why it should be supported. This should address the following:

Background ■ how did this proposal came about? ■ what options did you consider? ■ why was this option chosen?

Strategic Alignment ■ Does the activity support an approved priority of the University expressed in your Operational Plan or Strategic Priority endorsed by the Vice Chancellor? ■ What do we want to achieve by participating in this…...

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