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1. Background
In the area of Ich’chra, Lahore, GOURMET took start with a small shop
Gourmet Means :
“A person like having good and quality food”
Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz Chattha, the Founder and Chairman of GOURMET, started his journey with the unique concept of hygienic and healthy food
The word gourmet is from the French term, defined as "refined anduncontrolled love of good food". Gourmet is an industry classification for high-quality premium foods in the United States. Gourmet may describe a class of restaurant, cuisine, meal or ingredient of high quality, of special presentation, orhigh sophistication. Gourmet food is characterized by high quality, accuratepreparation, and artistic presentation. This name “gourmet” was suggested by hisdaughter who is living in America.“Gourmet Bakers and Sweets” is the largest food retail chain of Lahore. It is basedin Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan known for its traditional foods andpassion for eating. It was started with a single outlet in
in 1987 by
Mr.Muhammad Nawaz Chathha
, in the begging they did not get good response which resulted in shut down. He again started in 1992 at different place at Muslimtown, and Gourmet did not look back since then. Now with its 5 production units,2 restaurants and 88 sales outlets, gourmet outreaches to a huge population fortheir food needs. Mr. Chathha the founder of Gourmet stared his business with 20million rupees. He is holding the position of Managing Director of the company.He was serving in Shezan Bakers as a General Manager and later on he decided tomake his own bakery. He started his business through getting employees fromShehzan bakers in the beginning

2. Vision And Mission

“In this age of rapidly changing life styles consumers are driven to change their eating habits constantly. GOURMET responds to their desires and extended its existing product line. GOURMET has built a huge network of retail shops all over Lahore and Faisalabad” VISION STATEMENT The vision of GOURMET, throughout these years was to provide a quality food in affordable prices. That’s why where ever the market inflation went GOURMET never broke its rule”

3. Products Line Gourmet deals in the Following * Bon Vivant * Bakery * Mithai * Pasteurized Milk * Powder Milk * Ice Cream * Bread * Jams * Candies and Toffees * Ketchup * Beverages * Halwas
Here are the beverages which gourmet is offering * Cola * Lemon * Malta * Apple * Twister * Soda Ice-Cream * Diet Cola * Diet Lemon * Bon Vivant (Premium Cola)

4. Existing System

* Gourmet is now focusing to expand the business geographically * Product availability via eye view * Competitive price to Penetrate the Market * A Decent and well managed supply chain

5. New project

Gourmet has planned to open new tuc shops on every METRO station.
This project will increase their sales and as well as their revenues and their customers.

6. Problem Statement…...

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