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Good Hotel Case Study

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Case #10- Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?

Jamie Caudle

Q: What is the vision/mission behind the Good Hotel concept?

A: The Good Hotel is intended to be the first hotel with a conscience. Our philanthropic and positive approach is designed to inspire the "good in us all" (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2).

The Good Hotel is a hip San Francisco hotel that practices philanthropy and believes in doing good for the planet. The eco-friendly hotel décor features reclaimed and recycled construction materials (Pearce, 2012, p. 10-2). I believe the concept is to create a themed based hotel that is catered to a green living approach to life and have some fun doing it. The mission and vision statements for the new owner group of The Good Hotel are as follows:

Our Mission
At Haiyi Hotels, we endeavor to make a difference in the lives of our guests and associates through a shared passion for life, work and personalized experiences (Haiyi Hotels, 2014).

Our Vision
To become a recognized boutique hotel management company and develop unique hotels with their own independent character and style (Haiyi Hotels, 2014).

Q: What three alternatives is Pam Janusz considering for her recommendation to the new ownership of Good Hotel? Provide pros and cons of each.

A: Pam Janusz is considering between continuing, expanding, or discontinuing the current concept that Good Hotel is currently using. Continuing the concept would not involve much interruption in the already set ways of operations. The staff is trained and happier, the guests are giving positive reviews more often, and the financial gains have surpassed the goals. Continuing could also have its draw backs with an uncertain ever changing business atmosphere could change and hurt the business. Also since going green is a popular trend; computation for the market share is a threat. Expanding on an already thriving…...

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