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Gmc Bailout

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Ford: Ride the Mustang
Christian D. Smithson
Florida State College at Jacksonville
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Ford has been one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world for over 100 years. In this report we will dive deep in to the roots of the Ford Motor company and analyze the overall health of the company over the past 15 years. We will study how the financial crisis of 2008 impacted Ford and how they managed to make it through. Ford pioneered many of the techniques other car manufacturers use to make cars today lending to their great success. If it wasn’t for Ford the automotive industry would probably be very different today.
Ford: Ride the Mustang
On June 16, 1903 the Ford Motor Company gets incorporated. With only twelve investors owning 1,000 shares and empire is born.

At 9:30 in the morning on this day, June 16, 1903, Henry Ford and other prospective stockholders in the Ford Motor Company meet in Detroit to sign the official paperwork required to create a new corporation. Twelve stockholders were listed on the forms, which were signed, notarized and sent to the office of Michigan’s secretary of state. Henry Ford (255 shares), Alexander Y. Malcomson (255 shares), John S. Gray (105 shares), John W. Anderson (50 shares), Horace Rackham (50 shares), Horace E. Dodge (50 shares), John F. Dodge (50 shares), Chrles T. Bennett (50 shares), Vernon C. Fry (50 shares), Albert Strelow (50 shares), James Couzens (25 shares), Charles J. Woodall (10 shares). The company was officially incorporated the following day, when the secretary of state’s office received the articles of association.
Ford had built his first gasoline-powered vehicle–which he called the Quadricycle–in a workshop behind his home in 1896, while he was working as the chief engineer for the main plant of the Edison…...

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