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Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk

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Mauro Martín Bermudez
Economic global trends Bi 2º ABP 9 de otubre del 2012


A)Asseing the effectiveness of global institutions due to the rise of Regionalisim.

Global institutions OLD and NEW.

These old and new global institutions have some factors that affected them and explain why these Global institutions have become weaker even tho the demand has improved:

• governance estructures that don’t have legitimacy • Insuficient supports from today ……………. • Inefectiveness • Prone the least common denomator outcome

Many international organizations, such as the G20 are getting weaker, heur losing power, in so to speak, that their loosing the power of speechness in an international view, as an intermediary , mediator. And this is prejudicial for the new emerging countries since they don’t have any institutions to tackle a range of problems.The structure of these emerging countries have some or all of the next caracteristics:

• Coalition between the willing and the capable • These countries mostly depend on crontibutions from foundations or groups, like the bill gates foundation • To adquire more political power they would alie with bigger countries • They are in need of inancial or monetary backstops Regional aliences continue to gain traction, but since regionalisim due to its early stage, theirs a possibility to optimize global institutions. Since regionalisim host´s concerns that impact bilateral relations between states.

B) Consequences and key takeaways.

a) Winner´s 1. Classical Winners:

-You can notice them because they tend to have Hard power and financial resources.

2. New Winners:

- Countries with independent with economic base, as and example we can point out Singapore. -Countries that are maintaining productive commercial relations with big power like the U.S -Countries alied commercially with global powers.

b) Loser's

1. Classical Loser's

-Small bullied countries next to big potential powers. -States standing to suffer from the us appetite. -largely paralyzed political states 2. Hedging Loser's

-States that bet heavily on a single large power -States that are involuntarily tied to a neighhbour.

C) Conclusion.

In conclusion what the article talks about is the importantce of seeking a world of global effective governance, and how this would benefit not just benefit the global power lifers but also the small rising countries which are trying to make their way thru financial estability. Instead of collapsing in the regionalisms that we are starting to notice, because as they mention in the article this regionalisms turn some countries into "Winners" and some into "Losers", even tho regionalisim is better than raw nationalism as an alternative outcome.…...

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