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Globalization is the art that connects many regions together, near and far. Creating the unique, diverse and economically functioning world, globalization is evident throughout the world we know. Regions are often either thriving or in scuffles due to this art. The regions of North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Sub-Saharan Africa are great examples of the impact globalization have on all areas. Globalization has the ability to join regions economically and culturally as well as affect the local demographics and region local life.
North America is a leading powerhouse in terms of world globalization. With large populations, world leading language, available resources and technology, and a diverse mixing bowl of comers, the impact the region has on globalization is large. It is noted in the text “Diversity Amid Globalization” by Les Rowntree that a noted 37 million foreigners are in the North America region. The American cultural is known as the “popular cultural landscape,” also referred to as the American dream. With powerful military, technology advancements, resources, producers, funding, and population, the cultural of the North Americas is a world leader in globalization and is evident in many other regions.
In Latin America, globalization is not very surrounding impacting. Neoliberalism is the basis of these regions economic structure with a focus of control from a private division. Latin America has a large dependency on the US for trading and foreign investing. The need for value added goods causes this region to be very dependable on large globalization powerhouses, such as the US, to keep their regions economy afloat. Although there is a dependency, Latin America is a sufficient exportation of seafood, metals, fruit and wood. The area is the world’s largest banana exporter. The regional language, Spanish, and the culture it brings is also something that has spread worldwide Also the sport of soccer originates from the Latin America region and has spread worldwide.
Continuing on the journey through regions affected by globalization, the region of the Caribbean is no exception. The Caribbean is widely known for its large role in tourism. With the blue waters and beautiful beaches, this is a hot destination for many. The Caribbean is another region that is not considered self-sufficient due to the location trade block it faces. The exportation of sugar and coffee, the cultural music spread across the world, the start of baseball are all things that make the Caribbean a great example of a region effected and providing to the art of globalization.
Lastly, the region of Sub-Saharan Africa is another great example of world globalization in action. Sub-Saharan African is one of the poorest regions mentioned. With infertile soils, desertification, and large HIV rate, the economy has been negatively affected. In connection, slavery was a wide-spread controversial topic that also ordinates from the Sub-Saharan Africa region. It is noted that 12 million locals to this area were once transported to the Americas for slavery purposes. From all these negative attributes also come with positive globalization factors. Africa is known to produce some of the highest numbers of successful runners throughout the world and has a wide spread of African beats/rhymes that originate in this region and make their way throughout the world.
Globalization is the common link that links all of these regions. With many different demographic differences, globalization plays a role in each of these areas cultures, economy, and daily life. The wide array of resources among all regions, globalization allows each region to thrive in many ways. Globalization plays a strong role in all regions of the world and has the ability to change the economy of those areas, including North & Latin America, the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa.…...

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