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Globalization & Environment
Globalization is about a word that have many definitions, that depeneds on which area you are in. for example, there are many topics, such as: economy, capitalism, culture, among others, where the word “globalization” can fit in but for now globalization is affecting the environment. Globalization is the new decade of the 20th century where a new era of interaction among nations, economies and people. Globalization is an normal process of global integration that involve, economic through trades; technology and culture. While globalization is affecting the natural environment and through it human developmen, for tracing the main lines between globalization and environment this essay will focus on the economic in trades, the investments and some globalization/environment performances. About 30 billion US dollars flow of capital, technology, goods and services crosses national borders daily. Economic globalization impacts the environment and development in different ways and through a multitude of channels. Also, globalization contributes to economic growth and in the mid time affects the environment in many of the same ways that economic growth does. Globalization makes the change accelerate, altering the industrial companies of countries, and hence resources to use and pollution levels. In case of technology, globalization dispered the capital depending the need of their environmental atmosphere, the environment may improve or deteriorate. In the other hand, globalization address the market failures that may exasperate enviromental damages.
The relationship between trade and the environment has become an increasingly contentious issue between economists and environmentalists. Economists maintain that trade helps the natural environment because rich countries can better afford to protect their unspoiled areas.…...

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