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Student Laboratory Manual Update

Fundamentals of Information Security, Lab 1

This update fixes known issues in the printed laboratory manual and supersedes that publication. Students must use this revision for the labs to function correctly.

Lab 1: Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using ZenMap GUI (Nmap)

* In Step 14
14. Click the Close icon for the TargetWindows01 window (which appears in the white IP address bar) to close the window return to the vWorkstation desktop.

* In Step 24
24. Close the TargetUbuntu01 window by logging out of “student” to return to the vWorkstation desktop.

* In Step 28

28. Close the TargetUbuntu02 window by logging out of student to return to the vWorkstation desktop. Close the ISSA_VM Server Farm_RDP folder.

* In Step 43
43. Repeat steps 38-49 using the IP addresses in the following table:

IP Address Common Name West Covina Norfolk ASA_Instructor

* In Step 48
48. Click Scan on the main toolbar and select Save Scan to save the scan results. When the Choose a scan to save dialog box opens, select nmap –T4 –A –v –PE –PS22,25,80 –PA 21,23,80,3389 from drop-down menu, then click the Save button.

When the Save Scan dialog box opens, name the file Lab #1 Nmap Scan and select Nmap XML files [*.xml] from the drop-down menu. Save to the file to the Security_Strategies folder (My Computer > Local Disk (C:) >Security_Strategies).…...

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