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Pasted, Present, and Future of State University The structure and working of the university are ever changing. The University of the Pasted is not like the University of the Present and the University, and the present university will not in any way be like the University of the Future. This adaptation to the time is what can make some universities great or make some universities among the worst in the world. In the pasted universities were very set in their ways. They did things the way they wanted them to be done, and they paid no heed to the society. In the pasted professors will lecture endlessly to the students bored and with no idea what was really said to them in the lecture. This is not a very good way to try and teach students, students need interaction with the professor and some practical things to help them understand it better. As Paulo Frère believed that “There needs to be communication between the students and the professor and the class should not be totally memorization.” When professors are active and the students are passive there is no learning there is only memorization. This is the way things were done in the pasted. All the classes were based on memorizing the material with no interaction. When all they did in the pasted was to memorize and they put the materials to use, they just remember it for a short time, and then they forget it forever. When professors are rated on how well the students memorize the materials, they are just passing the students on ignorance. The university should also teach the process of critical thinking not just how to learn facts. In the present many universities have changed and more are still changing the way they run their university. The universities are now taking on many beliefs of the major philosophers in order to make to make changes in the teaching method. The present…...

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