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Fundamental Determinants

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Rachna Foundation

[RACHNA ON THE CROSSROADS] Rachna Foundation is in a turbulent phase with greater than expected influx of mentally disabled children and government’s strict new regulations. Amidst the usual battle for arranging finances it is finding it hard to keep its mast upright.

Rachna on the crossroads

On a busy Friday morning, while Dr. Lalitha was busy attending to her patients at her home based clinic, she got a call from the office of Rachna Foundation. The office staff had received a call from the Paper cup machine supplier in Sivakasi, Tamilnadu requesting them to send a scanned copy of the draft at the earliest. The task was simple but a copy of requisition letter signed by her was also required along with the copy of the draft. She hurled into the office at 11 am, completed the formalities and ordered the office staff to complete the rest of the task. In her 2 hours stay at the office, she attended to the teaching staff’s issues and concerns, talked to the parents, called up the corporation office to fix an appointment with the counsellor and called up an NGO which was willing to collaborate with Rachna Foundation. One her way back to the clinic (also her home), she thought of paying a visit to Rachna Foundation’s new building at Palluruthy, Cochin. Even under the 40 degrees hot sun, the construction work was in progress and she was happy with the progress made so far. She slid into her car and was dreaming of the new building which was planned to become operational from July, 2010. It will indeed be a moment of great pride for her and the Foundation when the gates of the new building will be opened to her 150 students strong special school. Pragmatist that she was, she was soon worrying about the challenges the Foundation was already facing in areas of administration, staffing, recruitment of teachers/trainers and the monster called funding…...

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