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Finance Clerk Description

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Job Description
Finance Administration Clerk

Finance Administration Clerk

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(The main reason for the position, in what context and what is the overall end result)

The Finance Administration Clerk is responsible for providing financial, administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate financial and administrative operations. The Finance and Administration Clerk must comply with the Financial
Administration Act, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and municipal financial by-laws, policies and procedures.

(The way that the position contributes to and impacts on the organization)

The Finance Administration Clerk reports to the Comptroller and is responsible for providing financial, administrative and clerical services. This includes processing and monitoring payments and expenditures and preparing and monitoring the payroll system. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure that municipal finances are accurate and up to date, that staff are paid in a timely and appropriate manner and that vendors and suppliers are paid within established time limits.

(Major responsibilities and target accomplishments expected of the position including the typical problems encountered in carrying out the responsibilities.)


Perform the day to day processing of financial transactions to ensure that municipal finances are maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner
Main Activities:
 Receive and verify invoices and requisitions for goods and services

 Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures

 Prepare, verify, and process invoices and coding payment documents

 Prepare batches of invoices for data entry

 Data enter invoices for payment


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