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To: Harrison Corporation

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Re: Recruitment and Selection Strategy/Rewards and Compensation Memo


Harrison Corporation is a global leader in producing office supplies with plans to expand the business to Central America. The global aspect of the organization stands on its foundation of providing excellent customer service, which does not always come easy. Providing excellent customer service as an organization entails excellent customer service skills at the individual level of all personnel, senior and new employees alike. To continue building on the factor of providing excellent customer service, this memorandum will outline certain key aspects including key qualifications for personnel and a proposed recruitment strategy. In addition, this memorandum reviews how candidates will be attracted to join the Harrison Corporation, how the selection process will be handled, and any incentives offered to promote excellent productivity and customer service.

Key Qualifications

In any organization, hiring the proper personnel ensures common goals are carried out to full potential and prevents many unnecessary problems. Staffing an organization involves more than simply hiring any applicant. When selecting the right personnel, there are key qualifications that must be present. The following will discuss key qualifications for a person filling the Customer Service Specialist (CSS) position.

Customer service is an integral part of Harrison Corporation. Harrison Corporation is headed down a revolutionary track with excellent services and a high standard of customer service. For this reason, it is crucial that Harrison provides quality service to customers. In deciding which candidate(s) best fits the organization, the company must tailor the position in customer service for the new direction of the company.…...

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