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My Wedding Day
Sarah Snyder
ENG 121
Instructor Youngs
February 18, 2016

My Wedding Day What time is the right time? It seems as if there are many opinions on when a couple should get married, whether it be after a certain amount of years or just having that “gut” feeling. Should you follow that “gut” feeling even when everyone is against you? That is a question I thought about even until the day I had my wedding. After just 16 months of being with the love of my life, we took our vows and are now happily married. My wedding day was more than I could ever imagine, yet it took me through a roller coaster of emotions. Even though it felt like the world was against us and our marriage, I still felt nervous, excited, and loved on my wedding day.
It all began on the morning of October 10, 2015. I woke up smiling next to my handsome fiancé, Jalen, and so in love. “Good morning, my love,” I said as he opened his eyes. He stretched and replied, “Good morning beautiful.” I was so happy in that moment, especially knowing that I was finally marrying the man of my dreams that day. We slowly got out of bed and both of us had a steaming hot cup of creamy caramel coffee along with some scrumptious scrambled eggs, enjoying a relaxed morning before all of the nerves hit. Before we knew it, the morning was quickly going by; my maid-of-honor and his best man soon showed up.
Elated, it was time for me to get “dolled” up for my special day. I sat down in a chair in the bathroom and my maid-of-honor, Kera, began curling my hair. As I sat there, she asked me, “Are you nervous, excited, or scared?” I breathed a big sigh and said, “I am a mix of nervous and excited,” while smiling. I went on to explain, “I am nervous because there will be other people there, but I am excited because I have been waiting for this day for a while.” This then made me think back to the day I met Jalen. We…...

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