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Fighting for Your Rights

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Fighting For Your Rights


The American worker these days doesn’t have many rights being that the United States is an at will country workers just have no rights. The American worker is what this fine country was built on. Hard dedicated workers are what created and made the United States one of the most powerful countries ever to exist. Currently in the Unities States people are laid off, fired, or are over worked and under paid because no one will stand up for them. A survey showed that forty five percent of workers were satisfied with their jobs this was the lowest polling amount seen in twenty-two years Employers feel as though most workers are expendable because so many people in this country are in search of a job. This economy gives employers the power to take advantage of their workers because the workers don’t have many options for employment. Employers really act as if employees are expendable these days. The unemployment rate for January was at eight point three percent; this is down from previous months and is the lowest it has been in three year but is still a high rate especially for those that have been out of work for any period of time. Those that have jobs have to be grateful for that job and do everything they can to keep that position whether they love it or not and whether or not they are treated fairly. Labor unions and labor laws protect employees. Even these labor unions are starting to disintegrate due to the high unemployment rates. At will states have unions as well but they are typically not as strong as in places that are not at will working areas. Seventy five percent of companies currently hire organized campaign fighters do dissemble these organizations. Companies also threaten to lay off workers if the Union wins in certain elections. Creating and being part of a union has its definite advantages such as…...

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