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introduction In the modern world everything becomes close to everyone because of the improvement in the science & technology and also in the research & development. Innovation of new product changes the life style of common man. in the dynamic environment it has become essential to have competitive edge over others in every sphere of life. Faster mode of communication for any purpose can provide a solution for this A Few years back the telephone was considered to be an extra ordinary thing & status symbol; but now most of the people are using basic telephone services & also mobile phone has become a part of day today life. In India cellular phones were introduced in mid of the nineties in the metro cities but now most of the towns are connected by cellular network including remote villages. The overcoming of communication barriers has helped everyone to grow relationship with others. Information & ideas are being exchanged at a faster rate in order to update & enrich & leading them to prosperity.
Customer Satisfaction
Though customer’s bye an industrial machinery or consumer product or service oriented products they all expect certain level of satisfaction of particular needs. This needs-based satisfaction will depend upon customer’s perception of product or service performance. The satisfaction derived will be in proportion to the difference between actual performance and perceived performance of a product. The lower the difference the greater will be the satisfaction.
The satisfaction can be defined as “a person’s feeling of pleasure or his disappointment resulting from comparing a product perceived performance (or outcome) in relation to his or her expectations”.
As this definition makes clear satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectations. If the performance falls shorts of expectations,…...

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