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I believe my Passion to contribute as a leader, philanthropist, engineer, son, friend, is at the center all my work. This insatiable hunger is driving me to pursue MBA from your college, as I have to contribute as an entrapper to society at large by building a company .

My decision to return to school to earn my second MBA degree stems from my determination that I have specific needs that can best be met within the confines of a global business curriculum.

I have learned in the classroom, but I have also learned substantial lessons in the arena of life.

I believe I have been showing my strips as a leader ever since my days Why does the youngest member of the team, turn out to be the team leader of multi-million dollar project? Or the one who is responsible How does the on to work on among my peers, I am fortunate to hold the most significant leadership role available to any
I work very hard; however I am also a strong proponent of work-life balance, and take time to live my dreams. I keep my objectives on my palm, so that I never loose sight.
I work for the fun of working, taking risks to pursue extraordinary rewards.
“You are biting off more than you can chew” these were the words of my High School Dean, before unwillingly giving me admission to Engineering Program in his college. This was the turning point from which the most remarkable thing about me seem to be the fact that I have

I believe my Passion to make a positive and lasting contribution in all my work; in least period of time is at the center of my life. Otherwise, Why does the youngest employee of the team will organization to in the team, turn out to be the project leader? Or the one who travelled alone to Premier Client location from

How does a masters student with average skills in presentation, turn out to become one of the best presenters in one year or how does one of…...

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