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In my perspective, judging a particular person alone without considering any other factors that may define his or her personality is not a justifiable reason to conclude with. Similarly, as to the case of Shields, it is not justifiable to quickly disapprove, and especially, just turn down a job opportunity of a person just because it contradicts one’s personal preferences or point of view towards a specific circumstance. He should have at least get to familiarized first skip’s background including his experiences, cultures, trainings, groundings, backstories, etc. before refusing to hire him. In addition, at the first place, he had no right to quickly judge skip for he barely knows him and he only met him at that time so he shouldn’t have known anything yet about this guy so why judge him quickly? It is definitely unjustifiable.
In the case of Jason informing Skip about him not being hired anymore, Jason should have at least thanked him for applying to that particular job, and then motivate him that he can still improve and be worthy for that specific position in other company. Likewise, the way Jason informed of Skip not able to get that job anymore can be disgraceful and shameful in his part. Jason already called him so Skip pretty much expected that he was accepted for the job, and then later realized that there was already someone who is experienced enough to fill in the job, but that’s no him can definitely be hurtful and upsetting for him. Jason should have given a respectful farewell to Skip for trying, and motivate him to become better next time.…...

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