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The history of the cosmetics industry includes very dark chapters in European and Western countries from about six centuries back. Mixtures and pastes were then used to whiten the face, a practice which remained popular till over four hundred years later. The early mixtures that were used in Europe for this purpose were so potent that they often led to paralysis, strokes or death. In that era, another method that was employed to make the skin appear fairer was to bleed oneself using leeches.
Up to the late nineteenth century, women in Western countries may have secretly worn make-up made from mixtures of household products, as make-up was then deemed the domain of film stars. Cosmetics were only openly put up for sale in the early part of the twentieth century for the first time. Tanned or darker skin tones became popular only as late as the early twentieth century. It was in this era that tanning the skin became a popular fad.

There is a huge competition among the companies working with the fairness cream segment of FMCG industry. HUL is leading the market in many segments from last couple of decade. But right now it is facing a good competition from the other existing companies like P&G, Marico, Godrej, Dabur etc. A full data of these companies and there market share is given in the following above table.

Market Share of Companies
Company %
HUL 46.2
P&G 6.3
Dabur 5
GCPL 2.1
Emami 14.3
Cavin Care 11.5
Marico 8.6

Prices of Various Fairness Creams
Product Qty Price
Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin 50 82
Nivea 50 290
Garnier Light 40 125
Olay Natural White 50 310
Pond's White Beauty 50 219
L'oreal 18 299
Lakme Perfect Radiance 50 170
Clean & Clear 50 170
Neutrogena 50 235
Himalaya Fairness 50 65
Dabur Uveda 30 115
Fairever 50 78
Fairone 50 300
Emami 50 90
Raaga 25 79
VLCC 50 240
Kaya 50 891

Fair & Lovely

Fair & Lovely is the World's No.1 fairness cream of skin care brand which is developed by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in the year 1975. This skin is termed as the world's first fairness cream, and used by both men and women for soft and clear skin. This skin contains no bleach or any harmful ingredients. This fairness cream brings real beauty and fairness on the skin and can be visible by others.

Types of Fair & Lovely cream are outlined below for ready reference:
• Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert
This fairness cream is enriched with many vitamins which help in making the skin softer, smooth. This cream is used daily which will results in improving the fairness of the skin, and removes any dark spots, and brings glowing skin. It prevents any dullness of the skin and ensures there are no dark spots on the skin. The change on the face will be easily visible, and seeing them, many other will start using this product. This is the best product which is manufactured by HUL for bringing glow and fairness on the skin of every end user. This cream forms a protective cover of vitamins around your face and protects your skin from harmful chemicals that can impact your skin of fairness. The price of fair & lovely advanced multi-vitamin daily fairness expert is Rs 44 for 25g and Rs 81.50 for 50g. • Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream
This fairness cream is enriched with richness of cold cream and its vitamin complex and moisturizers helps to give fairness along with soft and clean skin. This cream protects from dryness and gives natural and healthy skin. It over all helps in making your skin beautiful and glowing during winter. The price of fair & lovely winter fairness cream is Rs 45 for 25g and Rs 85.50 for 50g. Nivea

Nivea fairness cream is skin care brand of Beiersdorf. Its fairness cream helps in mositurizing the skin and keeps your skin smooth and soft throughout the day.

Type of Nivea Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow
This fairness cream is used by mainly women only after cleansing and toning their face. Only after this process, this cream need to be applied gently massaging in to the skin for better results in just three weeks of use. This cream was mainly introduced to bring out the real glow of end user's skin and make them sparkle and beautiful. This cream is enriched with many active ingredients to keep all kinds of skin healthier and softer. This cream helps in many ways, as it protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and reduces production of melanin. Nivea visage sparkling glow cream will help in cleaning and keeping the skin glow and beautiful. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 260-Rs 290 for 50ml.


Garnier Fructis is the best brand which is owned by L'Oreal. Garnier Fructis has bought up a best fairness cream which helps each end user to keep their face soft and glowing.

Types of Garnier Fairness Cream are outlined below for ready reference:
• Garnier Light for daily Fairness Moisturiser
Garnier light is mainly used by woman for their skin care. This cream helps in reducing dark spots on the skin and thereafter whitens your skin and look glowing and beautiful. It is enriched with natural ingredients such as pure lemon essence and vitamin C which helps to soften your skin. This cream protects your skin from sun and keeps your skin clear and clean. This cream completely put an end to dark spots to re-generate. The price of Garnier Light for daily Fairness Moisturiser is Rs 125 for 40g. • Garnier Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream
This cream is the best cream which gives better results when applied during overnight and in the morning, your skin will look brighter, smooth and soft. This fairness cream will help in cleansing your skin and making it glow and look good. The price of Garnier Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream is Rs 99 for 18g.


Olay is one of the most famous brands of fairness in the world. Olay fairness cream is one of the leading beauty segment brands of Procter & Gamble (P&G) which is used mainly by women to keep her face glowing and beautiful.

Types of Olay Fairness Cream are outlined below for ready reference: • Olay Natural White Rich All in One Day Cream
Olay Natural White Rich All in One Day Cream is the best fairness cream which has a triple nutrient system formula comprising of Vitamin B3, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E which brings combined effect to fairness on the face. This cream also protect the dark spot and removes them rapidly and bringing total end to its growth. This cream also helps as a cover to sun protection by killing the bacteria, dust or any harmful chemical to get into the face. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 307.50 for 50g.


Pond's Cream is the beauty and health care brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). This brand of fairness cream is one of the favorite brands of women in the Indian Market. This fairness cream is very reasonable and is used mainly by women to keep her skin more beautiful and soft.

Types of Pond's Fairness Cream are outlined below for ready reference:
• Pond's White Beauty Lightening fairness cream
Pond's White Beauty cream is enriched with vitamins which will cleanse your skin and leave it fair and glowing. This cream not only whitens your skin but also protect the darkness elements to rapidly vanish from your face and bring you clean and clear skin over it. This brand of fairness cream is widely available throughout the parts of India at reasonable price. This fairness cream is very powerful skin lightening cream which has combined formula of Lycopene and Pro Vitamin B3 which helps to bring new skin. The effect of this cream can be known only after regular usage. The price of Ponds White Beauty Lightening Cream is Rs 69 for 25gm and Rs 219 for 50gm.


The L'Oreal Group is the best and the largest cosmetic brand in the world. It's fairness cream is one of the best gift to the entire women's in the world wide as well in part of India.

Type of L'Oreal Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• L'Oreal White Perfect
This fairness cream leaves your skin with rosy glow, as this cream contains advanced melanin-block which helps in regulating production of melanin and to keep skin fairer and beautiful. This fairness cream also protects against UV rays and act like a cover to protect against the brown spots. This cream is rich in micro pearls, melanin block and also vitamin C which end up bringing real glow and gorgeous skin. The price of L'Oreal White Perfect fairness cream is Rs 299 for 18g.


Lakme is one of the best Indian cosmetic brands which are manufactured by HUL. Its fairness cream is one of the best compliments to those women who always try something or other to look beautiful.

Type of Lakme Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Lakme Perfect Radiance
This brand of fairness cream helps in rapidly removing the darkness of the skin. This cream is enriched with extracts of white lotus and lily, which brings more fairness and beauty complex to the skin. This cream gives overall and complete fairness on the skin and brings real glow on each end users face. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 170 for 50g.

Clean & Clear

Clean & Clear is one of the best skin care brand of Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Its fairness cream helps in fighting acne, and brings back the original skin and good skin.

Type of Clean & Clear Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Clean & Clear Fairness Cream UV Sunscreen
This fairness cream protects against UV rays and act like a cover to protect against the black spots. This cream helps in removing the acne, and provides cleansing the face and fights against acne, dirt and blackheads. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 120 for 40g.


Neutrogena is one of the biggest skin care brand famous world wide and is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Its fairness cream helps in overall improving the health of the skin protecting them from dust and other harmful chemicals.

Type of Neutrogena Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream absorbs into your skin and makes it lighter. It keeps your skin feel fresh even after many hours of applying them. This cream does not have any side effect and leaves your skin glowing and beautiful. This cream eliminates the dark circles and keeps your face fair and beautiful. This cream is filled with 3 facets such as tone, texture and hydration which overall helps in smooth and good skin inside out. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 99 for 20gm and Rs 150-Rs 235 for 50gm.


Himalaya fairness cream is the product of Himalaya Drug Company and is used by many of them in India.

Type of Himalaya fairness is outlined below for ready reference:
• Himalaya Fairness Cream
Himalaya fairness cream helps in clearing the dark spots, and pigmented skin. This fairness cream is used on all skin types. It is enriched with ingredients such as Aloevera, Persian Rose, Citrus, and Walnut. Aloevera helps in softens skin, Persian Rose improves beauty and keeps everyone fair and fresh, Citrus removes dirt, and Walnut nourishes skin. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 40 for 40g and Rs 65 for 50g.


Dabur Uveda Complete Fairness Cream is the product of Dabur India Limited. This fairness cream is enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients which help the skin to look fair and beautiful. Its ingredients such as Kesar gives skin an new tone, Raktachandan helps to bring softness on the skin, and Javetri and Kasturimanjal helps in lightening the skin and good beautiful. The price of this fairness is Rs 115 for 30gm.


Fairever is one of the trusted fairness creams in the country which is manufactured by CavinKare. This fairness cream is enriched with combination of saffron and milk which has made every woman beautiful and attractive. The Fairever cream is packed with natural extracts of Kashmiri Saffron, Milk to fight and prevent the dark skin.

Type of Fairever Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Fairever Fairness Cream
This fairness cream goes deep into your skin and fights all the dark skin to give you overall fairness beauty. This cream helps in controlling and removing dark spot and regular usage of this cream will bring fairer skin. This cream is enriched with natural extracts of saffron, milk and licorice. The natural ingredients of saffron helps the skin to bring its brightness and milk to brings its skin nourished and glowing. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 78 for 50gm.


Fair One cream is the fairness cream of Shahnaz Hussain. This fairness cream is enriched with saffron, honey, apricot oil, rose, cucumber and lemon extracts. This ingredient helps to protect the skin from darkness effects of the sun. This fairness cream brings you overall beauty and keeps your skin soft, and young. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 185-300 for 50gm.

Emami Fair

Emami Fair cream is the cosmetic product of Emami Limited. This fairness cream is introduced mainly for bringing clear and good skin for men's.

Type of Emami Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Emami Fair and Handsome Cream For Men
This fairness cream helps in eliminate the fatigue signs and stress signs of men and overall bring new looks to them. This fairness cream improves the real beauty of men in just 4 weeks, and it act as a protective cover to sun's UV rays, and also keeps skin soft after shave. This fairness cream is enriched with ingredients such as Aloevera, peptide etc. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 89.50 for 60gm.

Raaga Professional Fairness

Raaga Professional Fairness is one of the fairness creams manufactured by CavinKare. This fairness cream is enriched with strawberry and helps in removing dead cells from the skin and brings good look. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 79 for 25gm.


VLCC is one of the brands manufactured by VLCC Personal Care Limited. Its fairness cream helps in bringing the original skin and look beautiful

Type of VLCC fairness cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Snigdha Fairness Cream
This fairness cream helps in lightens skin and reduces pigmentation and over all glow to the face. This fairness cream is used for all skin types and is enriched with ingredients such turmeric which is very good for the facial treatment. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 200-Rs 240 for 50gm.


Kaya Fairness Nourishing Day Cream is one of the skin care brands of Kaya Skin Clinic. Its nourishing cream brings lighter and brighter skin. Its triple sunscreens protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 891 for 50ml.…...

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Men Fairness Cream

...PROPOSED MBA RESEARCH TOPICS SOFTWARE ANALYSIS BUSINESS DECISION IMPACT ON PEAK FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE CONTAC T INFORMATION Primary Contact: Dawn Simon Director, Co-Manager Equity Technology Team Merrill Lynch Investment Managers 800 Scudders Mill Road Plainsboro, NJ 08536 Phone: 609-282-0328 Fax: 609-282-6597 Secondary Contact: Martin Seyffert Research Associate Equity Technology Team Merrill Lynch Investment Managers 800 Scudders Mill Road Plainsboro, NJ 08536 Phone: 609-282-6632 Fax: 609-282-6597 UNDERLYING ASSUMPTION We specialize in technology equity portfolio management. As a subset of this work, we also examine the timing and relationships within software companies of the following variables: 1) R&D cycle; 2) product deployment period; 3) sales cycle; 4) contract duration; and 5) "disposable life" of software. Our assumptions may, or may not, be valid. Our assumptions are as follows: The technology industry is in a state of flux with the duration of the above listed items completely mismatched within companies. The mismatched time horizons are causing more volatile stocks, stemming in part from, less stable financial performance for software companies. We believe that faster development cycles and Internet-based distribution channels have accelerated parts of the business, while R&D cycles and contract duration have not yet been adjusted - or even recognized as an issue within many companies. Below are the specific areas......

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