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The relationship between family socio-economic status (SES) and the academic performance of children is well established in sociological research.2 While there is disagreement over how best to measure SES, most studies indicate that children from low SES families do not perform as well as they potentially could at school compared to children from high SES families (Graetz, 1995). Most studies, however, compare students from across all SES backgrounds to reach the conclusion that low SES adversely affects a range of educational outcomes. Another important dimension, however, is the factors that may influence educational outcomes within particular SES bands. This paper presents data on the educational performance of children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and examines its variation as affected by traditional measures of SES as well as by a range of other family, individual and contextual factors.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The purpose of this study is to know the problems encountered by the Grade Seven students of Dona Aurora National High School and the effects of these problems on their academic performance in school. More specifically, the investigation seeks to answer the following questions:
1. Do the following problem areas affect the academic performance of the students?
a. Family
b. Academics
c. Study habits
d. Social relationship
e. Finance
f. Health
2. How do these areas rank according to the number of frequencies of the specific problems under each area as indicated or expressed by the students?
3. Do these problems affect the grades of the students?

HYPOTHESES The following hypotheses will serve as guides in the study and therefore should be tested:
1. Problems in different areas can affect the academic performance of the students.
a. Family problems affect the academic performance of the student.
b. Academics problems affect the academic performance of the student.
c. Social relationship problems affect the academic performance of the student.
d. Study habits problems affect the academic performance of the student.
e. Financial problems affect the academic performance of the student.
f. Health problems affect the academic performance of the student.
2. The problems areas as rank from highest to lowest are:
a. family, which is regarded as the most common problems of the students
b. academics
c. finance
d. study habits
e. social relationship
f. health
3. Students who have many problems in life have low grades.
4. Students who have no or few problems in life have high grades.


This study is expected to provide valuable information about the problems of the grade seven students. These information would help not only the teachers but also the parents and the guidance counselors to understand the students better and guide them in making wholesome adjustments in life. The results of this study might also help bridge the relationship of the school and the home in bringing about a more motivated program of action for the guidance and supervisor of the youth for responsible adulthood and self-fulfillment. Knowledge of the problems of the students by the teachers, guidance personnel and the parents or guardians would provide an initial basis for contact with the students and hopefully a continuous and satisfying relationship. Moreover, this study is also beneficial to the following for the cited reasons:
STUDENTS - This study will be beneficial to the students so that they may be helped to develop their proper way of study and they may know what their behaviors are, and attitudes towards their study.
TEACHERS -The teachers may discover if their students are developing a right and proper way of studies. They may determine the ability, skills, characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes of their students and be able to discover if there are big differences between the study methods of boys and girls. Furthermore, it may also help the teacher to motivate their students more towards the study.
ADMINISTRATORS - This study will be a great help in assessing the improvement of the performance, ability, skills, behaviors, and attitudes of students and by finding the alternative measures to solve the students unusual habits and to realize the schools efforts that bring success to its endeavor.
PARENTS -The parents will be helped by this research to identify the study methods or routines of their children if they develop the right and appropriate studying towards his/her subject. The parents may also determine what is the proper guidance for their children to invoke their children to study.
COMMUNITY – This will be of great help to the community for every individual belongs to a certain community.


The following terms are defined as they will be used in this study:
PROBLEMS - are doubtful or difficult matters made known through the accomplishment of a problem checklist.
ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE - is the process by which students efficiency is in performing his/her duties and responsibilities in a given period of time which is evaluated on the basis of predetermined performance standards as measured to the average of the students.
ACADEMICS - is relating to or associated with learning in school.
FAMILY - refers to the relationship with the father, mother, brothers and sisters.
FINANCE - refers to the problems concerning money, allowance, how to be thrifty and multifarious expenses.
STUDY HABITS or those referring to the way of style of studying
SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP refers to the interpersonal relationship or relationship with others.
HEALTH refers to the physical condition of the human organism.
GUIDANCE is the systematic process of direction given to the students in making intelligent decisions and adjustments essential to a satisfactory and useful life.

SCOPE AND DELIMITATION This study is limited to knowing the problems of the grade seven students of Dona Aurora National High School during the school year 2012-2013 through the use of problem checklist made by the researcher. It attempts to find out the effects of these problems to their academic performance in school. The study will be confirmed to Dona Aurora National High School. The data in this study will be limited to (40)samples, ten samples in each curriculum year. The data obtained by this study was based on the responses of the samples in the survey on the problems of the students.

Definition of Terms
Attitudes – A learned predisposition to respond in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object.
Behavior - refers to the way an individual function at the level of either thinking or action.
Habit – A tendency towards an action or condition, which by repetition has become spontaneous.
Learning – A knowledge obtained by study or from instruction scholarships, study and training.
Motivation – It is a way to arouse the interest or willingness of the learners.
Study – devoting enough time, effort and attention in obtaining instruction or information for a definite period of time.

Conceptual Framework The effect of poor study habits of the students or the learners is not lack of brains. According to Donald Martin (1988) in general poor study habits is not the result of lack of motivation or good inventions. According to Atkinson, motivation is the study of the factor that account for the direction, vigor and persistence of action. Discovering motivation would be impossible unless behavior was organized. Most students feel guilty about not studying, but they do not know how to work up motivation for it. One of the reasons for this is vocational aim. Some students want to be doctors, lawyers etc. these aims however are rather vague and they are shifting to another course. Baser Daugherty et. al. (1996) stated that students who exhibit positive or favorable attitudes towards the subject matter that may arouse interest and lead to effort toward the subject matter they study. Going to college is different from high school. In college, the standards of education are geared to a superior group of students, not the average that the student knew in high school. Most students who go to college don’t realize how much will be expected of them. Because many students don’t gird themselves for a much tougher job of studying, they are disappointed and discouraged with their poor grades. If students can get a real idea of what is ahead and know how to prepare for it. His/her chances or staying in college, liking it, and doing well will be enormously increased. There are a lot of college students who drop out without grading. Because some of them are engaged in mild forms of “smartaleck” behavior such as, taking drugs and alcohol, smoking, early dating and sex. (Ekstron et. al. 1986). In this case, students will not be likely to study and if they are attending classes they are just getting poor grades and even failing grades. Because they do not have study habits. Because study habits are the key to reducing the stress level and therefore the difficulty of the course and the key to retaining the course content beyond the day of the final. Last but not the least it is the key to success in college.
Every student is different according to their sex, academic achievement, socio-economic status, and ethnicity, wither they live in large cities, suburbs, small towns or rural areas and by neighborhood. They also respond differently to school, both individually and in groups while factors such as economic status and wither or hot young people become parents in high school that contribute to the alienation of young people from school the impact of these factors is heightened by the extent to which their friends are similarly alienated. Even bright highly motivated students with helpful pushy parents find it difficult to study when none of their friends does. If students are already in trouble because of family divorce, pregnancy, low grades, difficulty in finding jobs or knowledge of shrinking opportunity structure, their potential for disaffection depends upon how many of their friends are similarly in trouble. (Understanding School Learning by Harper, Michael JA. Nowe). Learning takes place throughout the world. Learning is such a natural phenomena that all members of the human species engage in it without being entirely conscious of the process they are using. Teaching and learning natural phenomena, are the major developments of learning in the home and in the schools that demonstrates very high levels of effectiveness towards the learners. Marijoribanks and Williams (1974) say that the point of Blooms taxonomy who says that the adults do best in their interactions with the children in the home is the major determinant of this characteristic rather than the economic level of the parents towards education. All of this is influenced by the home and the family that surrounds the learner because the home is a powerful environment that has a great influence toward the basic characteristic of the child behavior/attitude. More students are stop studying or begin to engage in mild forms of smartlect behavior. In an attempt to be considered more mature, they may begin to adopt what stinchcombe (1964) calls symbolic adult behavior by using drugs, alcohol, smoking, early dating and sex (Ekstromet al.) In this situation, most students stop attending schools because they lazy and they want to be with their friends having fun. And if they attend their classes, they start falling asleep while the teacher is lecturing in the classroom. And some cut their classes to be with their friends or lovers. These students may get low grades and even failing grades in some of their subjects. The reason is lack of studying because they are busy having fun with their friends so that they can’t develop a proper way of study and also some of them are don’t know how to manage time. Saying, Managing or Budgeting time is the most powerful resource in studying. The one who can keep it from coming and passing and use it in the proper and right way is the learner who will be successful in their study. Students spend a lot of time in the classroom to gain knowledge and in the library doing advance reading and also gather more information and some students do their homework inside the library to lessen their work in school. Students who can manage and who can use his/her time effectively and wisely will promote good study habits.
The Philippine Educational system today faces challenges ranging from low enrollment to producing graduates to meet the increasing demands of the labor market. Out of ten students who enter in college only one or two graduates with degree. This conclusion was made by house majority leader Manuel Roxas II as he field a house bill No. 2937, which seeks to establish a guaranteed student loan program. Nowadays, in the time of computer aided, instruction it becomes increasingly apparent that students can no longer be thought all they want to learn within the limits of the classroom. With these challenges and technological advancement in education we cannot help but shift our concern to teach students how to learn to be dependent, how to be independent, how to be self-directed such they will be equipped with the skills needed to deal with an ever changing environment. Mc Carthy, found out that some people learn by doing, others by sensing and feeling, watching and by thinking. People do not rely on the one of these ways all the time but show a preference for one over the others. Motivation would serve as a direction for the development of a child’s interest until he reaches maturity. However, it also aims to help fulfill education in preparing the pupil for self-reliance, self-control and self-discipline. According to Marissa Guiab, a professor in Philippine Normal University in Isabela, and multiple intelligence is also an additional learning to the students because of other reference they could add. Why it is that students must be motivated? It’s because of arousing their skills and knowledge because motivation as we define it is a process of impelling the pupils to do any activity. Motivating pupils to do something should be accompanied with interest and with appreciation and not just with the purpose of getting a grade or for competitive reasons. But what if the students or the pupil has no motivation in doing the task but the prize awaits him/her maybe the pupil will do the work /task but not for good but instead they want to get the prize and not just do the task. But before you make or you do your task the pupil must have an interest in the field that he/she must work on. So they must give plenty of attention to anything presented to him.

METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH This chapter presents the method of research used in this study, the respondents, research locale, the questioner and statistical tools used.
Type of Research Descriptive method is used in this research accompanied by a survey questionnaire, as the primary instruments used to gather the much need data and information. Descriptive method is used to gather relatively limited data from a relatively large number of cases which involves in determining information.
Research Locale and Respondents This study was conducted in the high school compound of Trinity College of Quezon City where the College of Education is located. The campus is situated along 266 E. Rodriguez Sr., Boulevard, Quezon City. The respondents of this study are the first year education students. Was the total population (is 19)? In order to identify whom the first year education students are the …..…...

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