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Explain in Your Own Words What You Understand Either by the Term ‘Disciplinary Society’

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Topic: Explain in your own words what you understand either by the term ‘disciplinary society’

Discipline means agreement to a superior authority. Accommodating the norms of the family, society, the instructions of elders and obeying them is also discipline. Yet, discipline means accepting punishments for violation. The discipline in addition means training of mind and character, rising self-control and the custom of obedience. We live in a democracy. Democracy is based on the willpower of majority of its citizens. It has to be accepted and obeyed. If not democracy loses its meaning and leads to anarchy. Some argue that discipline limits liberty and that also kills the man’s initiative. In my opinion this is a wrong view. In this paper I try to explain what disciplinary society means and why is discipline so important in our life.

Discipline might be divided into two wide categories, external and internal. External discipline is that which is compulsory by outside authority. It is often connected with authority and force. For example, discipline in the army is one such. As Tennyson (2007, p. 215) said “Theirs not to make reply. Theirs not to reason why, theirs nut to do and die. A soldier in a war field cannot ask for reasons. He has to obey commands; otherwise, the war is lost”.
Indiscipline cannot carry order of growth. Self-discipline or discipline by approval is self-control. One controls his emotions and needs and gives room to listen to other’s points of views. Man has a lot of needs and impulses. If they are allowed “free play” without discipline, it in high probability will end in chaos. The discipline does not mean simply training of mind and character for self-control, practice of duty and observance of rules and laws. The aim of discipline has always been accommodation, integration and also complete identification with the existing social…...

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