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Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale- Reflection Answering the Nursing Self-Report Scale made me felt that I have a long way to go as a Registered Nurse. Based on my answers I am still on a novice stage, far from the expert stage. I mostly base my nursing care about company’s and or employer’s expectations and or rules. There are some few scales that I was not sure of and there are scales that I felt that I’m so naïve to just strictly follow the rules to perform patient care. I guess it just a nature for me to take ownership on my new license and new job. I have to follow the rules to be safe. Another factor that would be preventing from improving is my lack of interpersonal communication skills. I have this passive, shy personality and am reluctant to voice out my opinion. I feel that I just have to go with the flow just to avoid conflict and to please others. The fear of taking risks prevents me from progressing. If I’m resistant to changes I will be forever stuck to the novice stage and never improve to the expert stage. It is very empirical for me to step out my comfort zone and take necessary steps because my priority right now in this nursing career is my patient, not to please my boss or someone else. As an RN, I am now in a position of leadership. I should set aside my fears and focus on what needs to be done. I have to learn to work with others, lead them and get them to understand, and perform the job that needs to be done. I will be willing to ask question or help. Most of all I will be open to learning opportunities and constructive criticisms. Another way to advance my progress from a Novice nurse to the next level is to improve my communication skills. I will be more therapeutic when communicating with my patients, their families and with my co-workers. To do this, I have to get to know the culture of my client and adapt with it. I will also use…...

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